[book houses]

'books are sometimes windows, offering views of worlds that may be real or imagined, familiar or strange...'
[r. bishop]


My books are beings. They have souls. As I hold them, tidy them, rearrange them, I wonder who Baudelaire would like to live beside, next - what would he like to share? Unusual wine? A penchant for pens? A collection of cravats? I imagine the residents of my bookcases at their writing desks, candles flickering, fireplaces lit, desk lamps on. Pens scratch and typewriters click. They create and dream late into the night. My nocturnal companions.


In this collection I draw inspiration from buildings quintessential to creative times and places, to make houses that stand amongst your favourite works. Their weathered walls hold imagination. Their flickering windows bring the light of another world - one where creativity and poetry reign.