payment plans

get closer to your dream of

• C O L L E C T I N G •


You asked, I listened.

Beauty should be something everyone gets to gather, and dreams shouldn't have to wait for one day. So I'm now giving you the option of payment plans! Here's how to go about it:

  • fall in love with a creature  (many of you have already done this one)

  • tell me how and when you want to pay

  • I'll set it up while you ready their new home


Before you get in touch, here are the details.

  • choose standard options of either two or three months, paying half or a third for each
  • feel free to ask for longer options
  • to set up a payment plan, there will be an extra £10.00 added to your creature, because I'll be reserving it for you while the plan is in progress
  • plans can't be cancelled or refunded. I'll have kept others from buying your chosen creature for at least two months on good faith and a girl has to buy tea (this won't affect returns for irreparable damage en route)
  • once you contact me and we've discussed your plan, I'll mark your chosen creature as reserved while I set up the system; anyone who buys your creature in the meantime will have their order cancelled in loyalty to you
  • you will receive your creature once all payments have been made
  • only creatures are eligible for payment plans (i.e. no specimen studies or book houses are included, or other such future work)


[and a brief note to say...]

Thank you for appreciating my work enough to ask for the money side of it to be easier. It's not the most comfortable thing to talk about (somehow it's a dirty word) but knowing the delight you find in my work is greater than the discomfort of money talk... well, it's just wonderful. I hope this development makes you happy. Yours,

yours, laura